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Friday, March 22, 2013

with a K quilting website

i have started a blog solely for my longarm quilting. 

withaKquilting.blogspot.com is officially opened for business! 

if you are interested in having me help turn your quilt tops into completed projects, then please take a look. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2007 APQS Millennium For Sale

I am listing this for as friend in Vallejo, California.
If you are considering purchasing a longarm, send Laurie an email. This is a great price on a fabulous machine! 

This is a fabulous machine with many extras included.

2007 Millennium.. NOW SELLING FOR $11,000!!!  Well taken care of. She had a factory spa treatment in June, 2012!

This machine has:
26" throat, 12' table
Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks
Laser Light with Front Post
Lower Thread Cutter
APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder
Power Fabric Advance, $1350 value
Hydraulic Table Lift, $1500 value
Stitch Regulator
Needle Up, Needle Down
Edgerider Wheels

Also included are:
Hartley Fence, Ruler Base, Micro Drive Handles, Horizontal Spool Holder and
Vertical Cone Holder, Flywheel Cover and Instructional DVD by Myrna Ficken, over $800 value

Machine Set of Zippered Leaders and 5 quilt sets of zippers
Towa Gauge L Bobbin
Bobbins, Metal approx 50
Bobbin Cases 3 total
Lots of Size L Pre-wound bobbins Fil-Tec and Superior Bottom Line

Also includes packing box for machine head, Factory provided Users Manual and
assorted tools for assembly/adjustments.

I am asking only $11,000. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I am in Vallejo, CA.

Please direct any questions to laurie@finishingtouchesquilts.com