"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Friday, March 22, 2013

with a K quilting website

i have started a blog solely for my longarm quilting. 

withaKquilting.blogspot.com is officially opened for business! 

if you are interested in having me help turn your quilt tops into completed projects, then please take a look. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2007 APQS Millennium For Sale

I am listing this for as friend in Vallejo, California.
If you are considering purchasing a longarm, send Laurie an email. This is a great price on a fabulous machine! 

This is a fabulous machine with many extras included.

2007 Millennium.. NOW SELLING FOR $11,000!!!  Well taken care of. She had a factory spa treatment in June, 2012!

This machine has:
26" throat, 12' table
Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks
Laser Light with Front Post
Lower Thread Cutter
APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder
Power Fabric Advance, $1350 value
Hydraulic Table Lift, $1500 value
Stitch Regulator
Needle Up, Needle Down
Edgerider Wheels

Also included are:
Hartley Fence, Ruler Base, Micro Drive Handles, Horizontal Spool Holder and
Vertical Cone Holder, Flywheel Cover and Instructional DVD by Myrna Ficken, over $800 value

Machine Set of Zippered Leaders and 5 quilt sets of zippers
Towa Gauge L Bobbin
Bobbins, Metal approx 50
Bobbin Cases 3 total
Lots of Size L Pre-wound bobbins Fil-Tec and Superior Bottom Line

Also includes packing box for machine head, Factory provided Users Manual and
assorted tools for assembly/adjustments.

I am asking only $11,000. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I am in Vallejo, CA.

Please direct any questions to laurie@finishingtouchesquilts.com

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Been Quilting!

I have finished a few quilts this past month. 

scrappy crumb quilt with modern wave quilting.

take 5 quilt for a friend with breast cancer with cc quilting

patchwork squares with cc quilting..all washed and dried and for sale here.

wrestling lizards.

modern close straight line stitching in the background makes the lizards 'pop' off the fabric. This will be a pillow cover when i'm finished. 

I am working on another with frogs! 

Cindy's Butterfly quilt with Honeysuckle pantograph. Love the texture in this quilt. 

She was pleased.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013


In mathematics
  • Forty-one is the 13th smallest prime number. It is also the sum of the first six prime numbers (2+3+5+7+11+13), and the sum of 3 primes (11+13+17).  
  • Forty-One is the sum of two squares, 42 + 52 .  Adding up the sum of divisors for 1 through 7 yields 41. 
  • 41 is the smallest integer whose reciprocal has a five-digit repetend. That is a consequence of the fact that 41 is a factor of 99999.
  • It is a centered square number. 

In science

  • The atomic number of niobium.

In life
  • My age 
  • Tuesday was my 41st birthday and it was a fabulous day. We went to a High School Honor Band concert and out to dinner and some shopping. I am proud to be 41 and happy too! 
  • Just don't tell my Mom...she said 41 makes her feel old. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yard Sale Saturday 2.2.2013

It is that time of the week again. Yard Sale Saturday. 

I have a few things for sale. Most of these items are listed on my etsy store too...so you can purchase there for ease of payment. Thanks for looking. 

Let's get started.

Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols - New condition (does have a sticker on the cover from the shop I purchased it at) - $18 includes shipping to US

Debbie Mumm's Nature's Christmas - New condition - $6 includes shipping to US

Li'l Davis Designs presents Timeless Techniques by Jenni Bowlin - scrapbooking idea book - New condition - $5.00 includes shipping to US. (I have 4 copies of this book for sale. Don't ask why I have so many.) 

Carol Doak's Easy Reversible Vests - good condition, has a name written on inside cover with 1995 date. $8 includes shipping to US

Accuquilt Studio Die - PALM BEACH - $65 plus $10 shipping to US. Listed on my etsy site. I used this die once. 


Halloween fabrics Quilt Top  
25" x 60"- $17 includes shipping to US


Marcusbrothers Textiles 20 fat quarters - hand dyed cotton - FQ5-009 Color Works - $48 includes shipping to US


Shaggy Quilt Blanket Kit - Purple, Blue, Snowflakes - 1 kit available at $20 includes shipping to US


High Desert Mystery .pdf Pattern - written by myself in 2010 - $5 emailed in pdf format


Please email me if interested in any of these items. Also, if you wish to make an offer...that is great too. These items MUST find a new home!  
Thanks for looking. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Modern Twist...

Merry Mayhem's New Years Day Mystery 2013

I started the year off sewing with Madeline. I heard about the Planet Patchwork - Merry Mayhem Mystery through my friend, Dory's, blog.  Thanks Dory! I enjoyed my day with my daughter and was thinking about you sewing. I sure wish we lived closer! 

I hadn't sewn for a while and Madeline agreed that she could use another purple quilt...so we started our search for fabric. 

I love the color "Poison Green". It is my favorite color. Any time I make a test quilt block or small leader/ender blocks, the background color is poison green. 

It wasn't difficult to find the fabric in my stash for my quilt...but for Madeline, we had to go shopping. She used all the purple I had in her last quilt!

Anyways, with fabric requirements in hand, we chose the following fabrics to use for our quilts. 

After a few hours of sewing...we had completed our tops. I don't think either of us will add any additional borders. This will make a fair size lap quilt for cuddling up with in the van on long trips and will serve both of us just fine. 

 Madeline did a great job on her sewing. Can't wait to see how she quilts it. She is very talented on a longarm! 

 Mine...more true to color...but doesn't show the design very well in this picture. 

I used a chintz for one of my fabrics, and switched the values from the mystery. I like how it turned out. Although, it looks very different from Madeline's quilt. I am wanting to do something different for the quilting on this one. Squiggly vertical/horizontal crosshatching perhaps? or straight line vertical/horizontal crosshatching? 

Any suggestions??

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Easy Company Part 1

I finally started piecing the Easy Company mystery quilt. I did, however, decide to swap a couple of fabrics around. My navy blue and red will be switched. I am not a huge fan of red...so I couldn't have it as the main color that my eyes would gravitate towards. I cut parts 1-3...so will need to re-cut some fabrics for part 3...then I should be back on track. I don't think i will get much time to sew on this for a while though. I am cutting a 'kit' for a friend...and hope to be able to sew with her sometime before spring gets here! 

I did manage to get part 1 all sewn and pressed. 

I am starting to re-think the placement of my camouflage fabrics too...but will leave them as is. After all, this was a mystery...and all those pieces are cut!