"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Helping out!

A friend of ours had her fourth baby..and ended up back in the hospital with an infection. She entrusted us with her 10 day old newborn. He is so precious and such a good baby. We took care of him for 5 days. What an honor and a privilege to have had JG for the past few days! He is certainly a keeper!
I realized one thing…it sure it nice to no longer have any children in diapers! Although, if the opportunity arose to help out again…we certainly would! We had a great time with a little one in the house!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mini Quilt Received from Australia - Thanks Lyn!

Shannon hosted a mini quilt swap and I just had to play along!
Lyn of Australia made my quilt and sent a lovely letter to go with it!

Letter from Lyn

She also sent 5 pieces of fabric reproduced from original aboriginal art.
Now...if I only knew what that sheer fabric is on the quilt that is so beautiful!
Did I say I love this quilt? Well, let me just say...I LOVE THIS QUILT! It is awesome!
Thank you so very much Lyn!

I have almost finished the quilting on the mini that I made for my secret partner. Sorry...I can't post pictures of it just yet...at least not until she receives it and posts pictures first! Soon..I hope…very soon! I feel so guilty having received mine…and hers still isn’t done!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

High Desert Mystery Clue #5

Final clue for the day...this should allow everyone who is playing to catch up to the same point. Next Saturday I will post more clues. I hope everyone is having a great time!

Clue #5

High Desert Mystery Clue #4

Sorry about the long lag time...are we still sewing along?

Here's Clue #4

High Desert Mystery Clue #3

Is anyone out there sewing along today?! Please leave me a comment so I know how we are doing.

Clue #3

High Desert Mystery Clue #2

Get ready for some strip piecing fun today!

I will give you 3-4 different clues throughout today. Each about 1-2 hours apart.

Have fun. ;0)

Clue #2

Sunday, September 19, 2010

High Desert Mystery Clue #1


I decided NOT to wait till next Saturday for the first clue.

Check back on the 25th for additional clues to solve the mystery!

Have fun and thank you, thank you for joining in.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bright Squares Quilt!

I really like how this quilt turned out! The quilting is fairly dense but the quilt will be great to snuggle with on our rather chilly evenings this winter!

I used YLI machine quilting thread – Egyptian cotton, 40 wt thread, color Rio De Janeiro, variegated. This was a first for me…and I really like it. The colors were a perfect match for the fabrics used in this top.

High Desert Mystery Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

mystery clipart

On your mark, get ready, set, GO!

    High Desert Mystery Introduction and Fabric Requirements

    High Desert Mystery Cutting Instructions

Remember, just 3 fabrics and the finished quilt top finishes at 80” x 80”!
Have fun picking fabrics and cutting. Look for the first clue to be posted Saturday the 25th of September!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Team T & B Wins again!

Our Guys win all three races of the night! Way to go Ty and Bryson. We are all so proud of you both.
Ty had a great night of racing. These guys were working as a team until Ty got in another fender bender…but not by hitting his teammate…this time a pickup hit him and took out his left rear quarter panel out…and Bryson lost a lot of blue paint on the wall when he came around many a time and scraped the rear fender!
They were having so much fun…it was great to see! As you can see…at the end of the night…both were smiling big! Two more 1st place trophies came home.
I should show you pictures of the cars…but just know…both are still operational…and the guys are safe!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Remembrance...

Even at last night's races...the flag was flying high in remembrance of those who lost their lives 9 years ago....and for those who fight to protect us every day!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Racing Team T & B

Meet Ty - the T of the Racing Team...Driving the Saturn.
And Bryson - the B Team...Driving the Toyota Paseo.
He kept saying he was going to "paseo you on the left...and paseo you on the right!"

He is my husband and father to 7/8 of the kids acting as the pit crew for his car! Go Daddy!

This was the first time these two guys got together on the racetrack. Bryson had never raced before...and this was Ty's first season. This weekend is the final races to mark the end of this season.

The staredown...

Race 1...turn 2 in lap 2...Ty hits Bryson and the dust is flying!
Bryson recovers and manages to Win 3rd place. Yhew...what a close call!

Ty damages his Saturn and finishes the race...but is unfortunately out for the rest of the night. He is happy though...here is why. 

The night gets even better!

In the Trophy Dash...Bryson wins again...1st Place.

and in the Main Feature...Bryson starts in last position...shoots to pole position before the first turn in lap 1...and never looks back. He manages to maintain 1st position for 20 laps and wins the checkered flag...by more than 1/4 lap! How exciting!!

Go Daddy and Ty and the T & B Racing Team.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kids - Watermelon and Smiles

Madeline - she won 2nd place in her age category...and happy to have eaten more watermelon than the boys!

Taylor - watermelon eating contest...she did not win...but look at that bite!

Sven - just happy to be!

Eric - a happy, go-lucky kinda kid!

Devin - look at those blonde locks on this one...and that smile!

Cheryl - I just loved this picture for some reason. Those eyes I think just draw you in.

Kirt - quite happy being the little guy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bright Squares Quilt...on the Frame!

I bought this bright squares top from a seller on etsy. I just loved it and had to have it. It is a twin size so it will be used on a bed or to cuddle with in the car on trips! Besides...when you spend only a few dollars...and you know the top is worth so much more...you would be crazy NOT to buy a quilt top this way!

This top is made from poly/cotton solid fabrics...so I chose a bright olivey-green poly/cotton twin sheet for the backing. Now, I know some of you just cringed and are thinking I must have lost my mind! Remember, this quilt is going to be used by my kids and I and be drug around. Nothing wears like cotton/poly sheets! So there!

I am just showing you a sneak peek of the quilting at this time. I am quilting a freehand, my design, edge to edge pattern. I am using a variagated thread which blends beautifully with the top fabrics.

Did I say I love this top? I think I am going to love it even more when I finish. Gotta run and get back to quilting!

An ideas on a binding color?? I am going to check out my stripes and see if something doesn't yell "Pick Me!", unless someone has a better idea.