"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tadpole's Diabetes - Day 3

Sven is still in the hospital...but continues to improve. He cried last night with Daddy about his condition. He is a bit scared. He understands that this is something he will always be dealing with...his entire life.

His spirits were pretty good today. We all got out of the room and went to dinner in the cafeteria. He was given wheelchair rides by his sisters and brother.

He gave himself one injection tonight and only poked 4 times before finally getting the needle fully inserted. Ouch! Seems like the difficult way...but he is trying really hard. His nurse, Tasha was really proud of him...as was I.

He practiced beforehand on his older sis madeline. She wanted to know what the needle felt like...so Sven gave her a shot of saline in her arm. They are trusting of each other and both brave! Bryson and I are both so proud of our kids. They are attentive to the training we have all been given. They are concerned about Sven and all jump in to help figure his dosage of insulin based on the number of carbs he is going to eat.

I wanted to attach a closeup of Sven so that everyone could see his skin color. He told us all earlier that he put on lipstick...we almost believed him because his lip color looks SO good! We are thankful he isn't so sick anymore. There is nothing harder than seeing your child ill and down and out!

Hey everyone...it's Sven. Thanks for praying for me. And Thanks Heather for figuring out why I was so sick. See you when I come back to school.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tadpole Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Sven was diagnosed with Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes yesterday, Monday the 29th of March.

Let me recap the events. 

Sven had been under the weather for nearly two weeks since having a baby tooth removed at the dentist office. His lip was cut at the time and he got an infection at the site. He was placed on a steroid paste to help facilitate quick healing of the lesion.  He was unable to eat for a couple of days and was on a liquid diet. He started complaining of headaches, a stomach ache, and started urinating much more frequently within a couple days of starting on the steroids. We helped him to get plenty of rest and kept up with the fluids and did all that we knew to do. He was on Ensure and extra vitamins.    

Well, nearly 5 days ago, Sven's weight started to decrease at a rapid pace. He was always slender...but he lost a total of nearly 10 pounds and he was tired all the time. He went to school on Monday morning and within an hour the school nurse called. Sven was in her office. I told her I had a call in to the doctor and was waiting to hear back. As she knew, it is difficult to get a same day appointment. She asked that I come to the school and discuss some things in regards to Sven.

Upon my arrival at the school, she let me know that while taking Sven's temperature, she smelled a fruity sweet smell on his breath. We then checked his blood glucose level and it was high. Very high. She helped me contact my doctor direct and we made the decision to head to the ER. Sven was immediately administered insulin and saline solutions through an IV. He was pale, gaunt and very tired.

We were in the ER and ICU nearly 12 hours when another decision was made...Sven was going to be transported to SLC Primary Children's Hospital. He would go via a lifeflight airplane and he wanted me to fly with him.

Arrangements were made in SLC and we were on our way. He was in his new room by midnight and a new staff of wonderful doctors, nurses and techs started going to work on him. Within 7 hours, he no longer was in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and his ketone levels were beginning to drop in his urine. An hour later, his IV's were removed and an insulin injection regiment had begun. He started eating. 

Our son looked more like himself and he was smiling! Praise the Lord. He answered many prayers. 

By 10 am, Bryson and 4 of the siblings had arrived at the hospital, and Sven was excited to see his family. 

The day was filled with diabetic schooling! We were all taught how to help manage Sven's diabetes and even were allowed to practice injecting an orange with saline solution! How fun.
Sven did one better than that...he 'shot'  me with saline so that I could feel how the needle felt. Now, I am terrified of needles, so this was no fun for me...but I did learn that I was not hurting him by giving him his shots. He needs them and he only feels a small pinch!
Sven even has a favorite nurse. Marielle. She was not only fun, energetic and full of wonderful information...but he thought she was pretty! Thank you for helping all of us and teaching us what we need to know about diabetes and letting us know it is okay to grieve and be very sad that our son/brother is so sick!

Some have asked that I post our address for get well cards. Sven would love to have mail I am certain.

Sven Pickens
HC 33 Box 33358
Ely Nevada 89301

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. I will be posting more about Sven and his diabetes as his condition improves.

He is in for a life changing experience...and he says he is ready for the challenge! He is a great student and will handle this with the best of them.  

Sven...you are much loved. Love you Son!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Band Quilt for Raffle!

I made this quilt for the WP Middle School Band Department for a raffle to be held May 27th 2010. My oldest tadpoles play in the band. Taylor plays Baritone and Madeline plays Alto Saxophone. This is their first year and they really love it.

I used 77 different fabrics for the top including the binding. Then I quilted this with Baptist Fans. This finished quilt measures 78" x 90".

The binding is an Avlyn Print that has band instruments and music notes and piano keys! How fitting I thought!

Tickets are $1 each and if interested, please email me.

Thanks for looking and supporting the WPMS Band Dept...hope you WIN!

National Quilting Day at the Las Vegas Quilt Show

I spent National Quilting Day in Las Vegas at a Quilt Show! Here is a little eye candy for you! And, NO, I did not enter any quilts, although next year I hope to.
This was by far my favorite quilt in the Show...and it won Best of Show. The applique was all needle turned and the quilting all ruler work. Simply gorgeous!
This quilt is a Wedding Ring Star done in Southwest fabrics. Beautiful!
 This was a beautiful Drunkard's Path quilt that just caught my attention and would not let go! Love the colors used.
 Crosses...the quilting is simply to die for. And the micro-pebbling...OH MY!
1930's Explosion...A Very Sweet Quilt.  

And who doesn't just love a sampler?! And the applique...even better!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quiltazoid Equipped

I love my Quiltazoid. I love that I can add some cool designs to my quilts and make the quilt look fabulous.

What is a Quiltazoid you might be asking yourself?!

Well it is a tool that attaches to my longarm to help me create an endless number of intricate designs on a quilt. Circles, eccentric circles, concentric circles and spirographs to name a few.

Check it out...Quiltazoid The Long Arm Machine Quilting Tool that Creates Amazing Quilt Patterns.

I was one of the testers for Adam amd Linda Anderson early last year to get this QZ off and running. Because i have a Green Millennium, my set up was a little different from those with the newer APQS Millennium machines. We came up with something that works very well and is very accurate in its stitch-outs!

I am only introducing the QZ at this time. I will be showcasing more quilts in the future where a portion of the quilts will have QZ embellishment. I just wanted everyone to know what I am talking about when you see the term Quiltazoid or QZ.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playtime with Frogger..and New Threads!

Just couldn't resist using some new threads I got for Frogger. These are by Metro Embroidery and are a 40wt 100% polyester thread. Shiny too! I really like them.

I squared off three 15" sections of black fabric and started stitching.

With dark blue/purple thread I did a variation of Nicole Webb's flowers.

In the yellow thread, I did my variation of her Banana Man.

And in the copper thread, I quilted my very own Toad Song meander. I love this and use it alot as a background filler.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sneak Peek...Band Quilt

I am not showing too much of this quilt...am I???

Remember it is just a peek.

Obviously scrappy on a tan/cream background...and quilted with a Baptist Fans motif.

I pieced this quilt to donate to the Middle School Band Department for them to raffle. I hope to have it done in a couple more days.

Oh, and just wait till you see the binding!

Ever Wonder Why??

My youngest tadpoles can just bounce right out of bed in the morning after a full night's sleep. They wake up rested and ready to tackle almost anything that comes in their day.

Me?? No way. I hit the snooze button for what seems like FOREVER...then I finally open my eyes, part way, only to see my littles jumping all around me on the bed!

Now granted, they didn't stay up late washing dishes, doing laundry, watching a movie or quilting. ;0)

Now, when it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday and we have nowhere to be at any particular time...why can't they just sleep in?!?! Or at least let me get a few more minutes of shuteye? 

And why, do they fight so hard to take naps...only to fall instantly asleep as long as I am laying right beside them?

MOTHERHOOD...I wouldn't want it any other way! I wouldn't have had 7 kids if I needed more than 6-7 hours of sleep a night.

I sure do love my tadpoles...every one of them! Sleep can come when they all move out of the house...or when Grandma and Grandpa wants them all for a sleepover!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Quilt for a Friend's Newest Grandson!

I finished this quilt yesterday and even got the binding on and washed/dried it to give to my friend Pat. Her son is expecting their first child very soon. I couldn't resist putting something together for them and the new little one!

I used a combination of 10" squares of black and white prints that I cut apart and swapped sections and also a book panel to get the bright colored learning squares. After all, Pat was a teacher for many years...I thought her Grandson needed something fun that he could use while growing up and yet learn too from his little quilt.

This finished at 50" square and I used a varigated 19wt Polyquilter thread for added dimension and color. I quilted a loopy meander on it for fun.

The back is just perfect for a little boy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Irlen Syndrome and Dr Suess!

The Tadpoles and I went to a Magic Show and Dr Suess Event tonight at the High School that was sponsored by the local Lion's Club in order to raise awareness of Irlen Syndrome. Not sure what Irlen Syndrome is???...learn about it here Irlen Institute, Colored Lenses, Colored Overlays, Diagnosticians, Screeners.

Tomorrow, March 2nd, is the late Theodor Geisel's Birthday and is marked as Read Across America Day.

Reading is not only important...it is FUN!

I quilted this quilt today for the local quilt shop (LQS)...and the money earned was donated to the Ely Lion's Club so that colored Irlen eyeglasses can be purchased for our local families in need. I love to quilt and the fact that I can put my quilting to good use. It feels good to help others don't ya think?!?!