"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October already???

Oh my! Where has the time gone? 

The older two girls play high school varsity soccer, older two boys are playing middle school football, and the younger three are busy being kids!

I am proud of my kids. They are good students, fun to be around, athletic and very competitive. 

Taylor is feeling stronger and is running a few miles each week with Madeline at soccer practice. Lemierre's syndrome may have kicked her butt for a few long months, but she is fighting back! 

Madeline entered high school and has strong grades and is taking a woodshop class. She loves it! Wonder if she will make something for me!

Sven is managing his T1Diabetes very well. He stays active and has been busy with some research papers for school. He just completed a project on Leukemia. 

Eric is now in middle school and can't wait for baseball season in the spring. He is a bit sore right now from football! Doesn't like it as much as his brother does. That's ok by me! 

Devin is wishing she was as old as her two older sisters! She loves school and fashion. There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't trying something new with her clothes or hair. 

Cheryl is learning to read! It has been a real struggle, but she is getting the help she needs, and is starting to gain some confidence. She studies her flashcards daily and is comprehending stories she hears/reads. Math is easy for her. She is learning money now. 

Kirt is finally in Kindergarten. He likes his teacher, and is a joy in class. He listens well, and even brought a praying mantis to share with the class. And, his teacher thought it was neat! 

I have been quilting and adding items to my etsy shop. I have lots of started projects that I wish to finish, including my Orca Bay Mystery quilt. 

Bryson is doing great and is hard at work on our place. 

The pond was a success. The fish are growing. We now have 50 koi, 100 goldfish AND lots of baby goldfish/koi/hybrids too! The grass around the pond has stabilized the banks and looks great. I even had some sunflowers bloom this year. 

Well, that should catch us up a bit. 

I leave you with a picture of a gorgeous sunflower that just bloomed yesterday! Don't you just love the color?