"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching up from the last couple of months.

Let me start off by saying it has been a very busy 2+ months! 

We might as well have driven across the US with as many miles as we did back and forth to Utah.

Since my last post...

Taylor ended up in the hospital for 10 days with aseptic (sterile) meningitis caused by an infected mastoid, Group A Strep and Lemierre's disease. She was one very sick girl. Her mastoid was removed and a PICC line was inserted into her arm to allow the administering of iv antibiotics.
She is also on anticoagulant shots to stop the clotted veins from increasing. She will remain on these shots for 6 months.

Ambulance ride to hospital...after the Med flight to Salt Lake.  
Two days after surgery. Her color is starting to come back...and swelling is going down in her face. She is even trying to smile a bit. 
Here she is starting to perk up a bit in the hospital. 
Happy 15th Birthday Taylor!
Here are the flowers she received for her birthday and well wishes! Thanks Aunt San, Michael and DJ.
Nurse Quincy drawing blood. She likes not having to get poked to give blood. 

Her blood clot is stabilizing. Her veins are scarring and the risk of the clot moving into her lungs is much less than it was 2 months ago. There are no signs of infection or inflammation left in her body either. She is on the mend. 

Taylor...feeling great, looking fabulous...and ready to have her PICC removed. No more antibiotics needed. We are sure glad to have our girl back! 

We have learned a lot about taking care of catheters, changing dressings, administering antibiotics through IV and giving shots. I hate to say it...but I am ready to just be Mom again! She is also home bound from school this semester. So, we have added the job of teacher to our daily schedule too. She is enrolled in online courses through the district and is doing great in school and can work at her own pace until she is able to be 100%.  We expect her to return to school in the Fall semester. 

Thanks to everyone for the prayers for our daughter and family. God is certainly good!