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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Racing Team T & B

Meet Ty - the T of the Racing Team...Driving the Saturn.
And Bryson - the B Team...Driving the Toyota Paseo.
He kept saying he was going to "paseo you on the left...and paseo you on the right!"

He is my husband and father to 7/8 of the kids acting as the pit crew for his car! Go Daddy!

This was the first time these two guys got together on the racetrack. Bryson had never raced before...and this was Ty's first season. This weekend is the final races to mark the end of this season.

The staredown...

Race 1...turn 2 in lap 2...Ty hits Bryson and the dust is flying!
Bryson recovers and manages to Win 3rd place. Yhew...what a close call!

Ty damages his Saturn and finishes the race...but is unfortunately out for the rest of the night. He is happy though...here is why. 

The night gets even better!

In the Trophy Dash...Bryson wins again...1st Place.

and in the Main Feature...Bryson starts in last position...shoots to pole position before the first turn in lap 1...and never looks back. He manages to maintain 1st position for 20 laps and wins the checkered flag...by more than 1/4 lap! How exciting!!

Go Daddy and Ty and the T & B Racing Team.

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  1. Wow , looks like fun! Glad all were ok! Good pix, Maddie!