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my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Modern Twist...

Merry Mayhem's New Years Day Mystery 2013

I started the year off sewing with Madeline. I heard about the Planet Patchwork - Merry Mayhem Mystery through my friend, Dory's, blog.  Thanks Dory! I enjoyed my day with my daughter and was thinking about you sewing. I sure wish we lived closer! 

I hadn't sewn for a while and Madeline agreed that she could use another purple quilt...so we started our search for fabric. 

I love the color "Poison Green". It is my favorite color. Any time I make a test quilt block or small leader/ender blocks, the background color is poison green. 

It wasn't difficult to find the fabric in my stash for my quilt...but for Madeline, we had to go shopping. She used all the purple I had in her last quilt!

Anyways, with fabric requirements in hand, we chose the following fabrics to use for our quilts. 

After a few hours of sewing...we had completed our tops. I don't think either of us will add any additional borders. This will make a fair size lap quilt for cuddling up with in the van on long trips and will serve both of us just fine. 

 Madeline did a great job on her sewing. Can't wait to see how she quilts it. She is very talented on a longarm! 

 Mine...more true to color...but doesn't show the design very well in this picture. 

I used a chintz for one of my fabrics, and switched the values from the mystery. I like how it turned out. Although, it looks very different from Madeline's quilt. I am wanting to do something different for the quilting on this one. Squiggly vertical/horizontal crosshatching perhaps? or straight line vertical/horizontal crosshatching? 

Any suggestions??


  1. Kristina, I was thinking about you too! Imagine the fun we could have if only we weren't states apart. I'll post my Merry Mahem when I have the last border on. Love your and Madeline's quilts!!

  2. COOL! I have been mulling over using up a stack of solid blues to do this quilt...a little daunting how to get the right colors in the right places, but I really want to try it!