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my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Easy Company Part 1

I finally started piecing the Easy Company mystery quilt. I did, however, decide to swap a couple of fabrics around. My navy blue and red will be switched. I am not a huge fan of red...so I couldn't have it as the main color that my eyes would gravitate towards. I cut parts 1-3...so will need to re-cut some fabrics for part 3...then I should be back on track. I don't think i will get much time to sew on this for a while though. I am cutting a 'kit' for a friend...and hope to be able to sew with her sometime before spring gets here! 

I did manage to get part 1 all sewn and pressed. 

I am starting to re-think the placement of my camouflage fabrics too...but will leave them as is. After all, this was a mystery...and all those pieces are cut! 

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  1. Very interesting colors. And a good idea to go slow. I have all my parts sewn but am only putting it together one block a day. I may have it together by the end of the month....or not.