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Monday, November 26, 2012

Easy Street...

Quilt Mystery...Easy Street!! by Bonnie Hunter

One thing comes to mind when I hear "Easy Street"...NEW ORLEANS...aka as "the Big Easy". However, Mardi Gras colors just didn't appeal to me right now. I wanted to do something in more subdued colors. Upon further thought of the name...the following came to mind. 

My son loves the 'Band of Brothers' about the Easy Company of World War II. He can tell you which battle was fought, and where and loves Captain Winters and the men of Easy Company. These men are real life heroes. 

So, 'Easy Street' has been renamed... 'Easy Company'. 

The colors that I picked are Americana. I labeled each fabric as to Bonnie's colors. 

I love my reds and navy blues. They just scream Americana to me! I am not necessarily fond of the particular camouflage fabric I have...but since I already own enough yardage...I am going to use it. I have several background fabrics in neutrals that have stars, baseballs and other things that  can be considered 'American' in nature. There is even a piece with hot dogs at a picnic with tiny flags. How could I resist using it! The gold should tie everything as it will be a constant throughout the quilt. 

Even though I am not able to start right away on the mystery...I plan to save the steps and start over the Christmas break. 

Thank you Bonnie for yet another wonderful 'gift' this year! Your mysteries are the bomb!!

I will show my progress as I make some. 


  1. Love your colors, this is going to be gorgeous

  2. Great fabric picks. Very fitting to be called "Easy Company".

  3. This will become a great quilt! Have a blessed day

  4. Seriously??? You actually bought fabric with hot dogs on it???? You're cracking me up! Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out!!

  5. I didn't buy the hotdog fabric. I promise. It is a small piece that was given to me in a scrap bag. Really!
    I can't wait to see how the quilt turns out either!

    Thanks for all the great comments.

  6. I think the gold as the constant will look lovely with the other fabrics you have chosen.

  7. Oh, your fabrics are wonderful. And your quilt will look so different from the others. I changed some of the colors, too.

  8. Hi Kristina

    I was wondering if you were going to do Easy Street mystery this year. I posted on APQS asking who was doing it but I dont think you have been on there since.. Nice to see you will be doing it during Christmas, I always follow the clues but this year I have actually started it. Yay!! Hope all is well with you and yours!!

  9. I love seeing what everyone has pulled out for the background and their choice for constant! Thank you for sharing yours, Sharyn

  10. can't wait to see how this one turns out--love your take on it!!!

  11. Fun collection of fabrics. I'm watching this one from the sidelines for now too. It is fun watching what everyone comes up with.