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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quiltazoid Long Template Board Adapter!

I love working from the front of the quilt. This way you can tell when you have run out of bobbin thread, or need to make adjustments to the quilt top as you are quilting it! 

Yes, sometimes, puckers do happen when working from the back of the machine...but you can ease them out if you are at the front! I like to keep one hand on a quilt top at all times...smoothing and easing when necessary. 

Long continuous templates are not my favorite to use...I much prefer freehand...but sometimes a quilt just looks great with a pantograph or e2e (edge-to-edge) design. A template/stylus can help you achieve these desired results. 

I have the Quiltazoid...and Linda and Adam have come out with a new adapter for using a continuous template/design board from the front of the machine. 

Let me just say...once you figure out where to start/stop on the template to make the design continuous with just the one board...before moving the adapter unit along the roller bars...IT IS FABULOUS! I love this new tool! 

I am not sure that my kids would be able to use it from the front, at least not for a while, as they are a little young. They may still be using designs boards from the back...but at least I have the option to get out in front and quilt like I like! 

I can see another added benefit too...COST! Only needing to purchase one template instead of multiples to make the design go across the quilt. This can result in a huge savings. 

Thank you two for a terrific new product!

An RnS Interlocking Squares design template is sitting on the board base. I used clamps to give added assurance that the board would not move while quilting.

The quilt top is a beautiful snails trail and stars pattern. The quilting is not overpowering and definitely gives great texture to a quilt that will undoubtably get used! 

I sure hope the owner of the quilt likes it as much as I do! More details on this particular quilt when I finish it! It has a fun story behind it! 


  1. What a cool tool. Are you restricted as to quilt size?

  2. hi Gari...you are somewhat limited to quilt size. It is dependent on your table size since the QZ takes up about 27" to the left of the Millie and if the table does NOT sit against the sidewall. I can probably quilt up to within 12-14" of the left side of the leader. Hope this helps.