"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update...God is so good!

Cheryl...one month post accident. 

It was the night of the 30th of December..and they were traveling home from Salt Lake City after a day of shopping. Bryson and the kids were involved in a vehicle accident when he hit a large rogue sheep with the front passenger tire. It lodged in the wheel well and caused him to lose control of our van and ultimately to overturn it in the desert.  It was 30 degrees below zero and on a lonely highway. Fortunately, a car came upon them within minutes of the accident and the driver was able to assist. The kids all appeared to be okay upon initial inspection, except for Cheryl. She had been cut badly across her forehead and her eyebrow and her eye had swelled shut. 

He managed to keep the family together and they all were transported to Salt Lake Children's Primary Hospital. The kids were all checked out and cleared of injuries requiring medical assistance. Obviously cut, bruised, scraped and emotionally upset...but okay none the less. Cheryl required 50 stitches down to the bone and the plastic surgeon did a great job repairing her eyebrow and forehead area. She was released on New Year's Day after extensive testing to her eye. 

So far, her eye seems to be responding and healing well. A slight blurred vision still...but she is looking good! 

Many Thank You's to Ron, the driver who stopped to assist, Scott, the paramedic who got the family to the hospital and the nursing staff and doctors at the hospital for taking care of our family. 

I was away in New Orleans at the time of the accident. My Grandmother had passed away and I was at her funeral. I met up with Bryson and the kids a few days after the accident and boy, was I sure glad to be home. They were happy to see me too!

We all give God the glory and the thanks for the outcome of which could have been a tragedy for our family. God is good! He has a plan for my family and He had this accident as something that we must all go through. Praises to Him! 


  1. God is good. Our accident was the day after Christmas. No injuries, except to the car, some inconvienence, and wonderful people who helped us since we were 750 miles from home. Glad you and yours are all right.

  2. She looks so much better! And tell her I said her haircut is soooo cute!

  3. I recently got stitches on my forehead and am wondering how the healing went I'm hoping for minimal scarring

    1. I am pleased to say that after 3 years, her scar is minimal. for those that do not know it is there, it is hardly noticeable. we did put mederma cream on it for over a year, and sunscreen in the summer to protect it.