"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Orca Bay Part 3...Madeline's progress...age 13

 All 350 hst's are DONE! 

And...52 qst's (hourglass blocks) are finished. 

Not too bad....for this week's progress. 

It's a good thing there are still a few clues yet. Madeline is working very hard...and I know with confidence that she will have all the parts done when she needs them. 

She went with a dark gray pindot as her black and this aqua swirl as her neutral. Should look great with her scrappy purples (red) and scrappy neutrals blue).  

I think even she is amazing herself at the amount of tiny blocks she has made...Even though this will not be the biggest quilt she has ever made...it will contain the most pieces! 

Way to go Madeline...keep up the good work! 


  1. Looks good, I like your fabrics. The clue haven't been too bad, the amount of sewing has been manageable (So Far!!!)

  2. Way to go Madeline! Your blocks are looking terrific!

  3. Congratulations Madeline ! I love your fabric choice.

  4. cool! all your fabrics match, no scraps.

  5. Those colors look real "whaley". I sure do admire you, Madeline !

  6. I am so impressed that Madeline is 13! This is a challenge for some of us who have been quilting longer than she's been alive. Way to go!

  7. Glad to see I am not alone in doing all of these mysteries with Bonnie. Small pieces don't scare me either. I hope to see an update some day on the finished quilts.