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my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

blue and white quilt on the frame...PLUS an update

There is a story behind this quilt...let me start with it if you may.

Madeline made All Stars as well as Sven and Eric. However, since there are no District or State Tournaments...we were looking at going to Regionals...in Vancouver Washington. Now, it looks as though too many parents are not wanting to commit to traveling so far for a couple of softball games. Let me say..we are not those parents. We were willing to travel!

Well, I made this quilt in anticipation of raffling it off to help raise funds for the team. Now, I might just sell it and donate a portion of the proceeds to the local Little League for future All-Star teams.

Anyway, I thought I would share just a peek of the quilting on this scrappy quilt. As my friend Shannon likes to say...'whatcha think?'

All the quilting is freehand. I am using a variagated blue thread for the blue areas and a cream thread in the white. I try not to do alot of stippling...but thought it looked 'fitting' on this quilt. ;0)

I hope to finish it within a day or two. I WILL post pictures when it is done!

UPDATE: The White Pine All-Star 9-10 year old boys played very well in Caliente. They owned the scoreboard for the first 3 innings of both of their games. However, sadly I must say, they did lose both games. I was very proud of the boys as a team as they played well. The heat was a contributing factor in their losses...as well as the fact the other teams had some awesome plays that hurt us. Sven assisted in at least 8 outs, and Eric 5 in the two days of play. My boys did great. This Mama is very proud of them both!

They were sad to be eliminated from Tournament...but thankful for the opportunity. They have still not put their ball gear away. They throw ball every day and can't wait for next season.


  1. I like how you did the corners in the white square-have to remember that!! I 'think' it's great!!

  2. Your quilting looks great! I also really like what you did in the corners and your circle wreath looks terrific! I sometimes feel that stipple/meander is Under-rated! It is such a wonderful filler design for so many quilts. Very nice!

  3. Beautiful quilting! I am envious. I have 6 (I think) finished tops waiting to be quilted. They look so sad. They would be so much happier to look like this. Poor tops.