"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Roll Roll Cotton Boll Part 1 - Done

Part 1 came out a couple of days ago. I am pleased with my color choices so far...although I have made minor changes to a couple of the other fabrics for future parts! 

Bonnie said we needed 172 of these units...but I have a few extra. Plus, I did it twice for the two different quilts I am working on simultaneously...one scrappy and one more planned. Anything extra will just get thrown into a Orphan Block Box and will get used for other projects anyways...so no waste! 

Have I said before that I like Bonnie's system? 

I will blog more about it another day.
I finally organized the majority of my stash into bins. This has made it easier to find fabrics based on usable size. I can certainly see what I have since switching to her Scrap Saver's System. Thanks Bonnie! You are so smart. 


  1. I love it, good job! Going to get to mine now!

  2. Love your blue version. Mine is green and pink like Bonnies - I can also sit down and wait for next clue now.

  3. I can never follow someone else's lead when it comes to color! I am doing 2 very different colorways...one even has values reversed from that of Bonnie's. Sometimes, other interesting design elements POP out...but not always! I am on pins/needles for the next clues.