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Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Attempt at Snow Dyeing!

What fun! 
I snow dyed this piece about 2 weeks ago. I have shown pictures of each step. 
I used Rit dye..as that is what I can get locally. 

Materials list:
- piece of white cotton, prewashed in warm water to remove the sizing so that the dye would 'take' to the fibers. I did NOT dry the fabric after washing. 
- Rit dyes in various colors, eiter liquid or powder, I used both
- old metal washtub
- metal screen to place over top of washtub
- snow
- salt (Rit dye works best with salt) 
- tongs
- Retaine for washing in hot to set the dye

fabric laying on wire screen

 covered with snow
 adding green Rit liquid dye
 adding turquoise Rit powder dye
look at the pretty mixture
the dyes starting to separate into color due to the cold snow
more pretty colors
adding salt to help the Rit dye work...also sped up the melting process as the temperature was just at freezing
snow melting..see the fabric underneath 
snow almost melted
after washing/drying...isn't it pretty!

I have more fabric ready to dye...just need for it to snow! No fear...where I live, we will certainly see snow before June gets here! 

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  1. Very cool! I have everything but the snow! Will have to get up there before June to dye my own.