"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New snow-dyed fabric...working on RRCB...and signs of Spring?

I snow dyed a rather large piece of fabric the other day when we got 10" of snow in a storm. wine, purple, green and brown. The wine and purple took over...so I put it back on the screen, piled it with more snow...and added green and teal dyes. 

The end result is much nicer I believe! 

Today I stitched together the center of my RRCB scrappy quilt. It measures 75" x 90"...without borders! I am still piecing the outer border together and will change it a bit from the original pattern. Hope to have this one completed by the end of the month as I need to quilt it and send it to a show in California. Nothing big...no judges, just a show! How exciting!

Is this a sign that spring is near? I hope so. It has been awful cold here at night. Although the snow is melting in the day due to the rain we have been getting. 
Isn't he precious? A little cottontail bunny...not very old if you ask me. There are lots of birds chirping too! It sounds so peaceful outside.

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  1. Adorable! And I LOVELOVELOVE the RRCB! I can't wait to finish both of mine!