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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Introducing my Tadpoles!

Some of you have heard me mention my tadpoles...and may have even seen pictures of them. While others of you may be family or friends.

I think it is time that I introduce them here...in birth order. That makes this easier for me. Remember in my profile that I said there were 7 of them!!

Taylor - female, involved in Drama Club, plays basketball and softball and going to start track/field this year. Loves to read and write. Liked by all, fun personality, great all around young lady.

Madeline -  female, we call her Mad for short, very aggressive in sports i.e. basketball and softball. She loves to draw. Animals people you name it. She should illustrate her sister Taylor's writings! Going to be a future quilter! (Well, one can always hope.) 

Sven - male, likes basketball and baseball and anything to do with dirtbikes/atv's...just ask his best friend whose name rhymes with his...he owns a dirtbike and a four-wheeler...we do not!!

Eric - male, loves his mother. He is so sweet most times. He is liked by everybody in school...especially the girls! He gets invited to every girl's birthday party...and he goes. He loves the attention. he also plays basketball and baseball. He is a lefty...and he pitches Minor League ball.

Devin - female, a blondie. She is fun-loving. Loves to do cartwheels...everywhere! She can do them off the bed, against a wall, do one and then land in the splits. She is quite the girl. She also loves to read.

Cheryl - female, button-nosed beauty, she is a great big sis to her youngest brother. They play all day long together. She wants to go to school...very badly...and she will in the Fall. She loves to dress up. She has a baby doll and a stuffed dog that she pushes around in their stroller.

Kirt - male, looks just like Eric in every way. Loves the movie 'Cars'. Wants to watch it over and over again. (No, we don't let him watch it continually.)  He is happy dressing up with his older sis and wearing a pink Barbie dress or bathing suit depending on the time of day. He also is the keeper of our dog, Sardi. Kirt feeds him by hand...and likes to let him in the house to play.

AND...the good looking guy behind the sunglasses in the photo is my sweet husband Bryson. He is into photography about as bad as I am into quilting! And...we are the best of friends. We work together daily and it takes both of us to raise our large family. I love him very much!

He took this picture of us while we were on a family trip to Yellowstone National Park in August 2009.

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