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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Favorite Piece of Jewelry!

I went to the eyedoctor today...and I am getting new eyeglasses.  And..my prescription improved slightly. Not that that is saying much...ever wonder what it is like to have 20/1200 vision. It stinks really. But, I improved. YAY!  I have worn them for 30 years now...so maybe at this pace..I won't need glasses anymore by the time I turn 70.
Do you know how hard it is to find something really stylish/WILD/different in a town of 4000 people?!!

I wanted something different since eyeglasses are one of the only pieces of 'jewelry' that I wear everyday. Sure, I wear a wedding ring, and sometimes earrings, and sometimes a bracelet..but eyeglasses are a BIG Deal. They are one of the first things that people notice when they look at you. They can say alot about you...such as, "I am confident", "I am fun", "I like myself".

Well, I finally found something that I like....I think. Funny thing is, I am so blind without my glasses...that I have to try on new frames and then stick my face almost completely into the mirror to decide if I like how they look on my face. I did have help from my two oldest tadpoles. One can certainly hope that they wouldn't lead me astray and let me look goofy! It is a good thing too that I trust the lady at the Doctor's office. Without her...I never would have made up my mind. She 'threw' at least 50 pair of frames in my direction...and she really liked the ones that I picked. Thank goodness.

The hunt for new glasses is over..I hope. They won't be in for 10-14 days...so we will see when they arrive if I can muster the courage to break away from my 'cool' green-tint glasses to something NEW!

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