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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great Diabetes Management!

We went to Sven's Endocrinologist appointment yesterday...and received great news. His hA1c level dropped from 8.6 to 5.7 in 3 months. I don't know that we ever knew his initial level when he was first diagnosed...but, his Doctor is very pleased with the management of his diabetes. Sven is doing terrific...he is still in the Honeymoon period and is producing some insulin...but still needs to add insulin to his system as he doesn't produce enough.
Yay Sven...you are looking good!
Glycosylated Hemoglobin (hA1c)

The glycosylated hemoglobin or hA1c (as it is more commonly known) is a test to examine overall diabetes control. The results of the hA1c represent average blood sugar for the previous 2-3 months. An hA1c should be performed every 3-6 months depending on the classification of diabetes, but is recommended by the American College of Endocrinology that it is maintained if possible under 6.5% 1. Keeping the glycosylated hemoglobin at or below 7% has been shown to minimize long-term complications associated with diabetes 60.

A comparison of blood sugar and corresponding hA1c levels 1.

Blood sugar (mg/dl) hA1c

60 - 4%
90 - 5%
120 - 6%
150 - 7%
180 - 8%
210 - 9%
240 - 10%
270 - 11%
300 - 12%
330 - 13%

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