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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Nevada Kaleidoscope" Anecdote/Idea/Inspiration

Linzi asked me to write an exerpt for the yurt panel I stunt pieced and quilted. I thought I would share it here for you to read.

The colors of the earth and sky are amazing here in the high desert of Nevada. Snow falls from late fall into the late spring/early summer season and brings the desert to life. Water runoff from the melting snow fills the dry beds and beetles, frogs and lizards just come to life, each with their own vibrant colors. The cactus and wildflowers are beautiful when in bloom. Every shade of green and brown along with bright fuchsia, orange, yellow and red paint the desert. The rocks themselves even have fantastic color to them. Peacock copper, wonder stone, quartz, and limestone add to the beauty of the outdoors. I have named my panel ‘Nevada Kaleidoscope’ as it is as rich in color as the desert itself. The Drunkard’s Path block and layout gave me the look I wanted for the colors to really stand out..yet blend together as they do in this desert. I have a real love for the high desert so the quilted hearts is an expression of that love. “   - Kristina

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