"Evil will triumph if good men...and women do nothing."

my adaptation of a quote by Edmund Burke.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Frogger Gets a New Look!

I became really frustrated a while back while trying to raise my hopping foot...then again to lower it back down! I couldn't get any light into the side of the machine head to see the screw in which to turn.

I decided I was going to change the left side plate out to a clear plexiglass panel.

Well, today was the day!

The local glass guy...as I like to call him...cut me out an 1/8" plexiglass plate and drilled the necessary holes and the spot for the flywheel...and now I have plenty of light to see the spots I need to get to for adjustments. I even inserted a 1/4" copper tubing into it to hold the oil wick.

I love the new makeover Frogger got!


  1. great idea, but it looks weird!

  2. Looks wierd how?? Because you can see all the moving parts! Thank goodness it isn't the front cover or I might get distracted!

  3. What an absolutely wonderful idea, I am going to my local glass man today! You are so smart--how is Sven doing?

  4. When there is a will, there is a way! ;)

    Linda Craig

  5. That is way cool, Kristina!

  6. Sparkle "Angie" did this on her old ULT II and it worked well....think we all should do this.

  7. Hi Kristina, My husband suggested this on my old ULT II, and it worked so well. Especially the day my thread broke and sucked into the inside of the machine and wound all around the flywhee and moving parts in therel!!! Yikes! The plexi side view really saved my machine that day! I don't know how long it would have taken me to notice what happening in there otherwise. Of course a flywheel cover was on the machine soon after as well. My new long arm came with a plexicover on the front. Actually it's not as distracting as you might think, and this long arm has a different configuration. No flywheel. Love reading your blog!